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Reflexology Salon Hiroshima

That fatigue

Heal from the soles of your feet

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Rina Waki


Born in Chofu City, Tokyo

Hyperventilation due to stress

The days when I take tranquilizers

Improved by reflexologyWhat I did

In the wake of

​I became a reflexologist

So far

More than 4000 times, I have touched the soles of my customers' feet.

What I have seen, touched, and feltTaking advantage

​The best treatment and advice for you

We will provide it.




Reflexology etc.


"Aroma Life Beginner Set"

"Herb Tea"


Reflexology course

IMG_ (62).jpg

[powder reflexology]

70 minutes ¥8,800-

80 minutes ¥9,900-

​I couldn't sleep well at night and woke up many times, but after receiving reflexology here, I was able to sleep soundly without waking up and wake up very easily.


customer's voice

​I had severe pain in my hip joint, and even though I went to see an orthopedic surgeon and received painkiller injections, it didn't go away.I was at a loss, but when I received the treatment here, it was a lie. Like, the pain is gone.

​60s, male

​Even though I only touched the soles of my feet, I was surprised at how much my shoulders and lower back felt really relaxed after the treatment. Up until now, I would often feel exhausted and unable to move at home, but I realized that these things have become much less common. I will continue to receive it regularly.


Contact Me

Tokaichi Town, Naka Ward, Hiroshima City

​For more information

We will inform you at the time of reservation.


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Contact Me


​Fukuchi Sangyo Tokaichi Building 201, 2-9-25 Tokaichi-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City


Opening Hours

Sunday - Saturday


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